6 x Two Hook Flapper Rigs 1/0


For those wishing to target a mixed bag of sea fish these rigs will allow you the best chance of catching anything that swims with a pair of 1/0 hooks being able to hold the right size of bait to give you maximum options.

Made with 60lb Rig Body to 25lb Amnesia snoods this rig will allow you to catch smaller fish and not worry if a better specimen comes along.

All rigs are made with quality extra sharp Aberdeen hooks and are hand made in the UK by our expert team of anglers.

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6 x Two hook flapper rigs with 1/0 Extra Sharp Aberdeen Sea Fishing Hooks perfect for targeting small to medium size fish such as Codling, Whiting and Bass, with two size 1/0 hooks you can use a variety of baits or try different baits on the same rig.

These rigs are comprise of 60lb Rig body to 25lb Amnesia snoods.

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